Why Should Higher Education Institutions Choose Criterion-on-Demand?

Criterion-on-Demand enables professors, teachers, researcher and students to access a large variety of features films on-line, at the click-of-a-button. Other value-adds include:


  • Criterion Pictures has the rights to over 15,000 titles
  • Criterion-on-Demand Updates Titles Yearly
  • Can't Find a Title? Request It by Clicking Here
    Subject to Availability, Your Request Will Be Added within 2-6 weeks

Large Film Library

Numerous Titles are Available in both English and French from Studios Including:

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Lionsgate Films
  • The Weinstein Company
  • Alliance Films
  • Warner Brothers
  • Miramax Films
  • Mongrel Media

...and Many More!

Multiple Genres for Educational and Research purposes:

  • Foreign Language
  • Literary Adaptations
  • Film clips for character education
  • Justice
  • Classics
  • Environmental Titles
  • Social Issues
  • Animation Studies
  • Academy Award Winners, etc..


  • Criterion Pictures has Serviced the College and University Market for Over 40 Years!
  • Leading the Shift in Market Trends - "16mm" to "VHS" to "DVD" to "Streaming" to "Digital Delivery"
  • Offices from Coast-To-Coast
  • Superior Customer Service

Ability to add third party content

Ability to Add Third Party Content:

Criterion-on-Demand recognizes that technological changes have made hard-copy purchases both cost-prohibitive, and inefficient. Streaming is the preferred delivery method for most institutions, however many do not have a platform or intranet digital delivery program that offers these services. Criterion-on-Demand enables your College and/or University to add third party content to its system. Additional fees will apply to this service, and proof of rights will be required.


  • English and French Titles (Subject to Availability)
  • Other Languages Available Upon Request (Subject to Availability)
  • Same Language Sub-Titles Available for the Hearing Impaired

Hardcopy is increasingly harder to locate

The entertainment industry declared 2012 as the "Death of the DVD". The recent bankruptcy of Blockbuster and the closing of Roger Video rental stores clearly illustrate that the consumer market has switched to streaming methods. Over the next few years, titles, particularly titles that are not mainstream or are older, will become increasingly harder to the source. Criterion-on-Demand will continue to source this material and offer it as part of its streaming service. Criterion's close relationship with the studios, and their Labs, enables Criterion to access titles that may otherwise be unavailable.

Cost Effective

Current streaming costs are approximately $205 per title per year, plus $50 for the master ($75 if closed captioning is required). Currently, there are over 1500 titles on Criterion-on-Demand. Consider the following scenarios:
Example One: The institution uses 25 titles per year for streaming purposes.
The initial collective cost to purchase the streaming rights for these programs would be $6,375 ($5125 for the streaming rights and $1250 for the masters).
Example Two: The institution uses 35 titles per year for streaming purposes.
The initial collective cost to purchase the streaming rights for these programs would be $7,650 ($6150 for the streaming rights and $1500 for the masters).

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