FILMclips for character education



FEATURING short, fully licensed film clips from popular movies with thought-provoking guides. Each episode features three guides with different character themes (e.g. Honesty, Cooperation, Respect, etc.) and 12 Hollywood film clips chosen from ClipShout's extensive streaming library. Each guide also contains reflective questions, group activities/games, related historical quotes and more – all designed to engage the head, the heart, and the hands (taking action) of your students.


"The results show that those who participated in the program significantly improved over time in the degree to which they endorsed higher moral stage reasoning compared to those who did not participate." A scientific study testing the effectiveness of Film Clips for Character Education.
- Dr. Peter Samuelson, Georgia College and State University



Our collection of film clips and character themed guides will continue to grow throughout the year with newer clips and updated guides.


Jurassic World - Despicable Me - Liar  Liar - October Sky - Seabiscuit - Jaws - The Tale Of Despereaux - To Kill A Mockingbird - Patch Adams  - Unbroken - Field Of Dreams - Apollo 13 - Battleship - Cinderella Man - The Express - A Beautiful Mind - E.T. - Babe - Back To The Future - And many more...


Honesty - Cooperation - Respect - Self-Control - Integrity  - Loyalty - Optimism - Trustworthiness - Good Sportsmanship - Responsibility - Friendship - Sacrifice - Courage - Kindness/Caring/Compassion - Perseverance - Pride - Honor - Gratitude - Citizenship - Vision - Empathy - Forgiveness - Equality / Diversity / Tolerance and... Bullying Issues: Knowing Yourself - Peer Pressure - Understanding Bullies


Mindfulness - Growth Mindset - Critical Thinking  - Social / Emotional Learning - Ethical Action


The Head (Cognitive) - The Heart (Affective) - The Hands (Behavioral)


A stimulating Teaser Question appears at the end of each clip. The purpose of a Teaser Question is to encourage critical thinking and thoughtful debate.




"FilmClips for Character Education  is a fantastic idea!"

Joe Mazzola - Executive Director, Emeritus,
Character Education Partnership


"The timeliness of FilmClips is daily becoming more evident."

John Lounsbury Co-Founder, Association of Middle Level Educators


"The discussions these clips will prompt may surprise you. They surely will enlighten your students' experience - both in school and at home."

Kwok-Sze Richard Wong, Executive Director American School Counselor Assoc.


"We absolutely love FilmClips! We use them at the elementary, middle and high school levels-and for staff meetings and graduate courses. They are remarkable catalysts for discussion and produce a mood and stream of thought difficult to accomplish without taking an extraordinary amount of time."

Dean Lesicko, President, California Association of School Counselors; Coordinator, School Support, Murrieta Valley USD


"FilmClips for Character Education proves that a picture is worth a 1,000 words – engaging, entertaining and impactful!"

Michael Josephson, Founder & President of CHARACTER COUNTS!


"FilmClips provides a wonderful prompt for teachers to discuss current issues in the lives of our students. I think this project has huge potential and can be a very useful and effective tool for teachers nationwide."

Paul Meyers, District Superintendent Standard School District Bakersfield, CA